• Raised over $160,000 to support patients and families
  • Enhanced the creative arts program at NIH’s Clinical Center, focusing on patients in isolation confined to their rooms, and increased its budget by 60%
  • Funded over 50 local outings during 2016 for patients and family including transportation to movies, dining out and visits to a mall to lift spirits and provide respite
  • Furnished two apartments one block from NIH for patients or families to have “a home away from home” for those who must stay in the Bethesda area for extended periods - these apartments are especially helpful to patients requiring a protected environment following immunosuppression
  • Ana’s Impact is also paying the rent and maintenance costs for one of these apartments with our partner, Friends of Patients at the NIH, covering the costs of the second apartment
  • Ana’s father, Roger, has joined the Board of Friends of Patients at the NIH, a charity in which Ana’s Impact Fund lies and is managed.

My patient went to the movies and had a marvelous time. He was feeling very sad prior to the outing and it proved to be a really pivotal turning point for him. He asked me to express his gratitude for the ANA’S IMPACT package. It made all the difference for him.
— Clinical Social Worker, Department of Social Work NIH Clinical Center

I met with my patient today and he expressed gratitude for his 2/4/16 ANA’S IMPACT outing . He told me the movie theater is unbelievable – everything from the seating to food service and food offerings was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He said it was the first time he’d seen his mom truly relax in more than a month.
Thanks again for making this program available to patients. So far, it’s been a godsend for two of my patients and their family members.
— Clinical Social Worker, Department of Social Work NIH Clinical Center

Through Ana’s memory and the generosity of her family and friends, a father and his teenage son will be enjoying a Night Out over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We just gave our first ANA’S IMPACT gift package to this teenage boy and his caregiver/father. He received an organ transplant and has been in isolation at the Clinical Center for 160 days. Because of ANA’S IMPACT, they will sit in plush leather, fully reclining chairs, with fresh chef-prepared food that they can eat at their seats. They were very THANKFUL of this opportunity... especially over the Thanksgiving holiday with their family so far away.

On behalf of Friends at NIH, please know that we are all thinking of your family this Thanksgiving, the first Thanksgiving without Ana’s beautiful smile and spirit. Through this spirit, you given a smile to a young man and his father.
— Teresa & Heidi, The Friends of Patients at the NIH